Why use

5G/LTE Wireless?

Using Wireless Internet Access based on 5G/LTE as opposed to Fibre, Copper or Satellite offers 4 Business Advantages:

No Waiting
Instant Access

Unlike wired Internet which takes weeks (and sometimes months) to be installed, Blue Wireless installs within 72 hours. So you are in business immediately


As no physical wiring is required we can serve anywhere fixed lines can't: parks, construction sites, industrial zones, pop-up stores, temporary locations, literally anywhere.


Most fixed line or satellite providers require a long 24 month contract with penalties. Not us. Temporary sites? 6 month project? No issue. No penalties. Change anytime.


Running your business on a single internet line is risky. Wireless LTE/5G has built-in redundancy, automatically switching in case of network issues. And it's not impacted by weather unlike satellite or WIFI

Available Anywhere
Ultra Reliable

 Flexible, Reliable Service

Blue Wireless provides you with flexibility and reliability for your business. No coverage limitations, no waiting for fibre delivery. Contract month by month to suit your projects. Our online tools give you visibility and control of your connections. Our support ensures that your service remains up and running 24x7.

Cloud Management.PNG

All Cradlepoint devices are being pro-actively managed using Cradlepoint NetCloud allowing us to monitor and troubleshoot your connection 24x7. ECM is available to you for complete visibility.


For technical issues or service interruptions, our Global Customer Support Centre (GCS) supports customers 24x7. Please call us via phone or email us at support@bluewireless.com



Our contracts are short and Terms & Conditions  flexible. Contact us for more details and we'll be happy to share or to accommodate any specific requirements.

Installation in 24hr

Our engineers are trained to set up the service, do antenna placement and configuration so it works with your existing (W)LAN infrastructure. Order today, get service tomorrow. 

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Our Customers

We serve a range of business customers across different industry sectors. We're always happy to give references and all our services come with a full satisfaction guarantee. Please see below some of our existing active customers.


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