What is the difference between IoT and M2M ?

From smart phones to smart cities, technology is not only playing a role in our everyday lives, but it is also transforming how industries operate and how business and people interact with each other. M2M and IoT are two IT buzz words that we heard a lot at our workplace. But what is actually the differences between IoT and M2M?

What are M2M and IoT? M2M refers to machine-to-machine communication. Machines have the ability to connect to a common network and exchange data over the network. M2M connectivity is often business driven and using mobile (2G/3G/4G) networks to enable remote access of specific business applications. M2M networks are often closed user groups and serve one specific application. Examples are fleet tracking for a company, or ATM machines for a bank. IoT (Internet of Things) refers to a wider concept, which includes a variety of equipment and devices, from personal devices, consumer electronics, to business machines and vehicles. By enabling communications, the devices become more sophisticated and useful, often transforming their function entirely. Communications can be established using a range of technologies, from mobile networks (3G/4G) and WIFI, to Bluetooth and even wired Internet access. Examples are fitness trackers, home automation (Alexa etc.), but also industrial automation, sensors, connected vehicles etc. So in summary, M2M is a subset of IoT, whereby M2M solutions are often narrowly defined for a specific function using cellular networks, while IoT based systems have much more flexibility and connectivity options.


Reliable Connectivity is essential

Reliable connectivity is essential for both IoT and M2M solutions. Choosing the right communication solution needs consideration of different factors, such as application, location, coverage requirements, device type and budget.

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