Virtual Events and Live Media Streaming

On-Demand Connectivity with Wireless LTE/5G

Events and meetings have changed significantly since the pandemic began and as the world is chartering a new course for virtual events and meetings, one thing is clear: reliable high-speed access is essential for the safety and success of any events.

Cradlepoint wireless enterprise solution enables rapid connectivity for events, virtual press releases and live streams, offering:

  • On-Demand high-speed wireless connectivity

  • Quad-SIM with seamless failover for reliable availability

  • Persistent Static IPv4 to establish secure enterprise VPNs

One example of such a virtual event was the virtual groundbreaking ceremony earlier this month in Singapore, where the S$400 million Hyundai innovation centre was launched. Blue Wireless enabled quality HD-live video streaming at the event, fully powered by high-speed LTE - no wired connections required!

More in the News

A S$400 million Hyundai innovation centre in Singapore focusing on future mobility research and development is set to be completed by the end of 2022. 

Credit: CNA

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