Public WIFI on wheels

Offering WIFI to your guests and passengers is an ideal way to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, implementing mobile WIFI can be tricky, with concerns about reliability, usage-cost, and content.

Blue Wireless has the solution using several components:

  • Quality equipment, Cradlepoint IBR 900, which can withstand dust, vibration and humidity and is easily managed remotely.

  • Suitable antennas, to capture good 4G/LTE signal outside and provide good WIFI coverage inside

  • Web Filtering, to avoid individual users accessing inappropriate content, hog bandwidth and generate excessive usage.

  • Large 4G data pools, which can be shared amongst the fleet, providing economies of scale and offering the lowest price per GB possible

All together, this provides a hassle-free experience for users and less head-aches for bus operators. Enquire with us how we can help!