It's Here, The Blue Wireless SIM Card: 15 Countries, One Data Pool

Blue Wireless is introducing the AsiaPac 4G/LTE Shared Data Pool, offering enterprise unparalleled flexibility for wireless connectivity. With the new service, one only needs to subscribe to one single corporate plan and will have access to unlimited SIM cards for use across 15 countries. Ideal for use in routers, trackers, tablets and IOT applications, network backup and range of enterprise applications. No more individual plans or subscribing to expensive consumer packages!

The Service is unique for business as it provides:

  • High speed LTE access in 15 countries in AsiaPac - instant access anywhere using a single SIM.

  • Low-Latency routing with Internet breakout in Hong Kong - ideal for AsiaPac business applications.

  • Shared Data Pool - Combine roaming usage across all 15 countries, giving you economies of scale and lowest cost per GB.

  • Unlimited SIMs - Add as many SIMs as needed to your corporate datapool, for any device: routers, tablets, trackers, IOT etc.

Ready to try it out? Click REGISTER for a trial at no cost.

Blue Wireless SIM provides access to 15 countries as per below overview:

For more details and rates, please write to us at


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