I Feel The Need... The Need For Gigabit LTE Speed!

One of the questions we often get is regarding what maximum speed or throughput customers can expect on our 4G/LTE services?

The answer is... it depends... on factors such as your country and specific location, but from our implementations we can confirm that we often see real-life speeds of over 100Mbps at customer locations. And, networks are getting faster every day.

So what are the technologies that enable this? Here are two videos that explain the key concepts.

1. Carrier Aggregation. This becoming common on networks around the world where multiple LTE channels are 'bonded' together, to increase the overall 'pipe'. This is automatically supported on all advanced Cradlepoint devices, offering up to 600Mbps download speed on a single link.

2. Gigabit LTE. To go one step further and reach Gigabit speeds on LTE, three technologies are combined, leveraging multiple networks if needed to maximize the available speed, as explained in the following video:

Cradlepoint is at the forefront working with carriers to enhance performance on their Cradlepoint devices and get ready for full 5G experience. If you want to know more on the pathway to 5G, please check out the following link

The fastest way to learn more about how we can support you with our wireless solutions across 55 countries globally is to drop our Sales Team a message! We'll respond immediately.


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