How to make retail store connectivity a breeze with 4G/LTE?

Today's retail stores are more connected than ever - with network access essential to run a wide range of Point-of-Sale (POS) Inventory-, customer and business applications. However, connecting retail outlets with traditional wired lines can be difficult and expensive.

Firstly, many retail locations are not stand-alone addresses, but store-in-store setup, where indoor wiring adds cost, delay and range of approvals from building management. Secondly, retail is dynamic, with locations and setup changing fast and even extending to outdoor locations, kiosks and events, all not possible to connect using wired lines.

Blue Wireless offer flexible, low-cost and reliable 4G/LTE connectivity for retail without the waiting time and hassles of wires. With our proven bundle of Cradlepoint edge equipment, SIM plans, field services and support we provide connectivity as a service for a range of retail use cases:

  • Easily connect stores in hours, not weeks or months

  • Enable 4G/LTE backup for a fraction of the cost of a wired line

  • Enable kiosks, pop-up stores and store-in-store without wiring hassle.

  • Easily connect displays and other IOT devices wirelessly.

Interested to know more? Read the case studies at Cradlepoint or contact Blue Wireless to see how we can help you Do More and Wire Less.


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