How To Make Retail Connectivity A Breeze

The retail industry continues to evolve with further digitization such as automated self-checkout, digital signage and kiosks significantly improving customer experience. But how to ensure your network connectivity is reliable, flexible and affordable enough to support all these developments?

Blue Wireless provides 4G/LTE connectivity that offers retails immediate benefits compared to traditional wired services:

  • Easily connect stores in hours, not weeks or months

  • Enable 4G/LTE backup for a fraction of the cost of a wired line

  • Enable kiosks, pop-up stores and store-in-store without wiring hassle.

  • Easily connect displays and other IOT devices wirelessly

We support full implementation and support connectivity for a range of situations from Kiosks and Pop-up Stores to regional implementations based on Cradlepoint Equipment combined with our local Dataplans, installation and ongoing local support.

Want to know find out more how to use wireless access for your business? Please visit our website at or contact us at


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