How To Make Corporate VPNs And SD-WAN On 4G/LTE A Breeze

Corporate VPNs are essential for today's business operations, allowing for secure and flexible connectivity between branches, applications and users. However, setting up and maintaining VPNs is a complex task requiring laborious configuration from IT staff. And connecting devices using 4G/LTE is often impossible with traditional methods. By using NetCloud from Cradlepoint these issues are in the past. Now any site can be securely connected to another site with just a few clicks, regardless if these sites connect to the internet using Fibre or 4G/LTE. No need for static IP addressing, Private APN networks, Command Line Interface. No endless IT hours wasted. Here are the four options offered:

1. Easy - Cradlepoint routers connecting via 4G/LTE can easily connect to an existing gateway, for instance Cisco or Juniper to get access to the private network. No need for static public IP addressing.

2. Easier - When deploying VPNs between Cradlepoint devices, the auto-VPN option eliminates complex configurations, connecting with a few clicks in minutes. A Cradlepoint CR4250 is ideal to use a central hub.

3. Easiest - Eliminate the central hub completely and transform your network into a secure SD-WAN in minutes. Easily assign static public IPs for legacy applications trying to connect into the secure WAN.

4. Bonus! - Connect non Cradlepoint devices into the secure WAN using the free Software Client. Whether a PC/MAC, an Android/iPhone, or Linux/Docker devices, simply with a few clicks.

Want to learn more about the functionalities of Cradlepoint NetCloud and how it can simplify your corporate WAN? Speak to any of our specialists by dropping an e-mail to!


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