How LTE/5G is powering the Maritime Industry

Powering through the Pandemic Through Critical Communication Solutions

The Maritime industry and maritime communications have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. In some areas, the need for communications has completely disappeared (Internet via Satellite for Cruise Passengers), and in another, demand has skyrocketed (Crew Wifi for quarantined staff).

For any maritime vessel, Crew WiFi and internet communications are essential. While VSAT remains essential for open-sea connectivity it can be slow and expensive. 

At Blue Wireless, we offer LTE/5G solutions for the maritime industry. With higher speed and lower cost compared to satellite, it is easy to deploy for vessels and offers connectivity of up to 50 nautical miles, making it ideal for near-shore activity and in turn, enabling the next wave of maritime communications.

We implement LTE/5G-based communication solutions for the Maritime sector, offering high reliability and high speed for a range of uses. Key examples are:

  • Passenger WiFi for Ferries

  • Crew WiFi for Merchant Ships & Cruise Lines  

  • IoT Connectivity for Barges, Tugboats and Pilot Ships

  • Connectivity for Platforms, Research Vessels etc.

All can benefit from our bundled approach including Equipment, Antennas, LTE/5G Data, Field Service and Ongoing Management.

Click the image below to learn how we helped Rocktree Logistics to achieve near 100% network availability nearshore, using maritime-proof equipment and LTE/5G technology for highly reliable, cost-efficient nearshore connectivity on tugboats and barges throughout the Asia Pacific.

About Us: We are a new generation Wireless Network Service Provider serving global enterprises with LTE/5G based wireless solutions. Started in 2015, our mission is to enable enterprises with reliable, flexible wireless access connectivity across the region. ​ Since then, we have expanded service in over 80+ countries in Asia Pacific, EMEA and the US offering an all-in service model with fixed pricing plans to help businesses to stay connected anywhere and reduce cost.

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