Global Update: New Countries, Higher Speed and New Office!

As our customers operate globally, we continue to deepen our wireless services and broaden our coverage around the world. See below our latest updates on coverage, services and locations!

1. South Africa! The latest addition to our global coverage, bringing our total available countries to 53. In South Africa we can deliver a powerful bundle combining Cradlepoint equipment, Unlimited 4G data, field service and management into a reliable managed 4G Access service. For any quotes or availability check, please contact our sales team.

2. Higher Speeds in 33 countries. As network operators continue to invest in 4G/LTE infrastructure, access speeds continue to go up. Blue Wireless customers benefit from this and we offer guaranteed 20Mbps download speeds in an ever increasing number of countries. Latest upgrades are for Taiwan, which saw now only a speed increase, but also a rate decrease of over 24%!

3. Price Reductions. 4G networks are not just getting faster, the network cost continues to drop as well, which allows for price reductions for our customers. Our latest June price refresh saw reductions across the board, including popular destinations as China, Singapore and locations across Europe. Check with our sales team for the latest pricing for your specific destinations.

The fastest way to learn more about how we can support you with our wireless solutions is to drop our Sales Team a message! We'll respond immediately.


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