Does Your Company Have A Complete Failover Solution💡

According to Gartner, every hour of network downtime typically costs an organization $300,000 per hour. Wired connections can easily be impacted due to network interruptions, cable cuts or natural disasters, so it’s not a question if your business will lose connectivity, but when. And when it does, the impact is immediate and significant, from loss of productivity to loss of customers and revenues. 4G/LTE offers an easy, reliable and cost effective way to backup your wired connections. Read more about the 4 key reasons why to consider a wireless failover service:

1. Available Anywhere

Wired connections can be used for backup, but secondary connections might not be available for all locations, especially if your site is a remote or rural area. 4G/LTE has greater coverage then any wired service, and often you'll have multiple providers as well to choose from. 2. Truly Diverse

However, even if you can find a second wired line, consider the fact that most use the same wiring centers and ducts as the first one, so big chance that if one wired-connection fails, the second connection will fail as well. To avoid last mile issues, wireless connectivity will provide a truly diverse path.

3. Cost-Effective Although wireless 4G/LTE connections are always on, since they are only used in case of a primary line failure, usage is low and thus cost is low. When ordering a secondary wired line, cost often doubles, without actually using the line. 4. Easy to Implement and Manage Wireless 4G/LTE backup can be implemented in a matter of days and without the need for any new line digging, indoor cabling etc. With pre-configured failover devices from Cradlepoint, a backup is established in minutes, without service interruption. Blue Wireless offers different wireless failover solutions, including out of band options, 'WIFI-as-WAN' backup and other configurations.

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