Case Study: Nearshore Connectivity for Maritime Logistics

Rocktree archives near 100% Network Availability and Enhanced Service Uptime

In the maritime industry, IT teams must monitor, manage, and track assets deployed across large fleets roaming around the world. Traditional maritime connectivity options like satellite are expensive and cannot keep up with innovative transport logistics strategies, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the shift to cloud computing.

Rocktree wanted a solution that was able to remotely track, manage, configure and troubleshoot their network connectivity deployed on tugboats and barges working around the Asia Pacific region.

With the challenges they faced, we deployed solutions with Cradlepoint, enabling cost-efficient nearshore connectivity. The wireless technology has advanced and vessel crew and maritime applications can now leverage 4G/LTE networks to enable higher bandwidth at a lower cost compared to satellite.


Rocktree sought a

partner to support the

deployment of a wireless

solution across all its

vessels, to overcome the

challenge of expensive

low satellite bandwidth.

Blue Wireless Solution

A managed network

solution involving on-site

installation of ruggedized

4G/LTE routers and

weatherproof antennas,

as well as remote

monitoring and support

to enable connectivity for

Rocktree’s entire fleet.


Cost-efficient nearshore

wireless connectivity,

combined with satellite

backup, to achieve near

100% network availability

and enhanced uptime.

Read our case study to learn more about how we have helped Rocktree.

About Rocktree Group: Headquartered in Singapore, Rocktree works with companies in the water-borne dry-bulk supply chain. They provide tailor-made, innovative and practical logistics solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of its clients' shipments.

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