Case Study : Enabling Connectivity in Remote Industrial Areas

More and more remote sites are requiring remote connectivity as well as mobile connectivity for remote users especially as a company grows. Our customer is seeking a solution that would enable low-cost high-speed Internet access to staffs who work in remote areas.


Sebarok Island is an industrial island located at the Southern coastline of Singapore. While there are extensive oil storage and refuelling facilities, wired internet connections are unavailable. Companies and staff working on the island haven been trying to use mobile connectivity but experiencing poor performance and regular network disconnects.


Hertel, a leading international industrial services company engaged Blue Wireless to implement reliable connectivity for its operations team. Blue Wireless deployed a Cradlepoint AER 1600 router in combination with Poynting’s XPOL-2 LTE Mimo Antenna and Blue Wireless 4G/LTE Multi-network Dataplans. Cradlepoint enables intelligent cloud management of the connection while Poynting increase signal reliability ensuring a stable, high quality connection with higher data throughput for users.


The Cradlepoint-Poynting solution improved network performance for the remote site by a factor of 20 times with download speeds increasing from 1.5Mbps to 40Mbps. Blue Wireless monitors the connection pro-actively using Cradlepoint NetCloud and ensuring the Hertel team at Sebarok enjoys reliable connectivity for their business operations​.

“The customer was connected with Cradlepoint AER 1600 routher combining with Poynting XPOL-2 LTE Mimo Antenna and Blue Wireless 4G Dataplans. The customer saw speeds increase from a measly 1.5Mbps to 40Mbps.”

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