4G/LTE essential for Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Software defined wide area network

The interest in SD-WAN (Software Defined - Wide Area Networking) has exploded over the last 2 years with numerous new vendors, company acquisitions and lots of marketing hype. All gearing up for a future where intelligent software in the cloud, rather than hardware in the office, ensures reliable communications for enterprises.

Here's the interest over time in SD WAN:

A Google search for SD WAN gives 18,300,000 search results!

However, the number of actual implementations are actually quite modest and initial interest from enterprises to adopt SD-WAN often doesn't fully materialize. The are two reasons for this:

1. Firstly, the modern WAN is not just limited to offices. WAN access is needed everywhere, from staff using tablets on the road, connected delivery vehicles, self-service kiosks, connected 'things', all securely communicating together. Traditional SD-WAN equipment can not handle this. 2. The benefits of SD-WAN don't materialize without wireless access. SD-WAN can enable instant deployment, flexible access anywhere, but it's no point in shipping an SD-WAN device to a site when having to wait 2 months for fibre to be delivered... Luckily, the team at Cradlepoint has a different view. Rather than the first generation SD-WAN approach of placing hardware at offices and connecting them with wired lines, it allows for the WAN to be anywhere, on devices, on vehicles, on 'things', and of course at offices and all work together seamlessly. Regardless of what access type, what device, what IP address(!), all connected in a secure, reliable WAN environment. And, with build-in LTE connectivity your business can be on-line on day one without the need to wait to install a wired line. Read more about is on their website here:

As a elite partner of Cradlepoint, Blue Wireless can deliver the true benefits of SD-WAN to your business without delay. Including low-cost LTE connectivity and our full installation support and service, so you're on-line day one and have access anywhere. Please write to us at info@bluewireless.asia for a free consultation.


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