5G/LTE Connectivity for IoT

Blue Wireless supports the full implementation for a range of IOT solutions, from Kiosks, to ATMs to Billboards and CCTV. All enabled with cost-effective and secure 5G/LTE connectivity, while at the same time being more reliable and more flexible compared to traditional wired solutions. With dozens of large projects completed we're available to support you with any IOT connectivity needs.

 IOT Use Cases 

IOT Use Cases cover a wide spectrum of situations which vary in terms of required bandwidth, uptime and security level but all depend on on-demand, reliable, cost-effective connectivity to support the specific applications. Below an overview of the most common ones: 

Access Control

Access control is essential for offices, site operations, events and more. The Cradlepoint IBR600 offers reliable and secure connectivity anywhere in a compact IP rated unit.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is more interactive and engaging as ever, and simple, cost-effective and reliable connectivity is key for maximizing deployment, both indoor and outdoor.


Sensors now measure a range of elements, from air quality to temperature etc. Cradlepoint IBR600 offers reliable and secure connectivity anywhere .  


Kiosks, Lockers and ATM machines are getting ever smarter and more interactive and thus connectivity is essential. Cradlepoint enables secure VPN connectivity on demand.


Robots are being deployed on a range of use cases including outdoor where 5G/LTE is ideal for secure control, live video streaming both back to HQ and mobile command centers. 


CCTV does no longer required a full wired infrastructure and can leverage wireless connectivity for on demand access at any location. Cradlepoint enables reliable 5G/LTE solutions. 

 IOT Gateway Concept 

An IOT Gateway means a device which handles the network connectivity and security for a particular IOT Project. Cradlepoint IBR600c and IBR900 devices are ideal to be used as IOT Gateway as they offer full functionality in a small package and can be deployed virtually anywhere. The key features are shown below:   


Blue Wireless Implementation

Blue Wireless is in an unique situation to support connectivity for IoT Projects as it provides all 4 components from one single source: equipment, data, implementation and management, ensuring customers have a full working solution without the need to source or integrate different components.


Read more in the case study with Canon on how Blue Wireless enabled on-demand connectivity for Canon FACTS access control solutions.

Contact us below to learn more about our implementations and projects completed and how we can support your IoT project. 

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