5G/LTE Connectivity
for Construction Sites

Connecting the construction industry


High-speed and reliable connectivity is a common challenge for construction and engineering businesses. Green-field sites with no wired access, next to the risk of drilling through LAN cabling during the course of a project, are only some of the barriers.


At the same time, there’s an opportunity to leverage the flexibility and reliability of wireless LTE/5G technologies to connect – and digitally transform – your construction sites.  

Why Blue Wireless for your next construction project?

Unlike DIY connections and consumer-type dongles, working with Blue Wireless will offer you:

  • Always-on service, with committed SLAs on uptime and speed (no throttling) for your site offices.

  • On-demand connectivity with flexible contracts, available from the time you need it – for the time you need it. No wired connections or permissions required.

  • Site surveys to design the best connectivity solution for your specific location and connectivity requirements.

  • All-in-one solution in 80+ countries, including equipment, installation, ongoing management, and 24/7 support.

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 Connectivity Across the Work Site

Site Office Internet Access

5G/LTE Wireless internet (VPN) access for your site office. Delivered in days, not months. Reliable connectivity for up to 20 staff via LAN and WIFI.

IOT Device Connectivity

Enable connected devices such as IP-based CCTV systems and access control equipment with reliable VPN access anywhere you need it.

WIFI across the Work Site

Extend your Internet Access across the work sites with long-range WIFI access points (APs), enabling tablets, laptops and other WIFI devices for up to 100 meters.

Independent 4G Connectivity

Connect your 5G/4G devices directly on our SIMs and pool your data allowance across multiple SIMs and projects for the lowest price per GB, globally.


All-in-one Unbreakable Connectivity

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Ruggedized Routers

IP rated device with heat, vibration dust and humidity resistance. Dual-SIM, WiFi and GPS enabled.


Antennas for every use case: site & in-vehicle connectivity, compact antennas for IoT devices, etc.

4G LTE/ 5G

With multiple providers available around the world, including data bundles for multiple sites

Professional Onsite Installation

Site survey, placement, testing, and configuration of the equipment for optimal performance.

Monitoring & SLAs

Contracted SLAs on uptime and speed, with remote management and ongoing support 24/7. 

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